A guide how to maintain aikido weapons

Aikido is martial art which comes from Japan. It was developed by MoriheiUeshiba as a combination of martial studies, philosophy, and religion. The main idea he had was how to defend yourself, but also how to protect attacker from injury. In aikido, there are many different techniques like irimi, turning movement, and different types of throws and joint locks. Aikido was developed in the early 20th century, but today is very popular all around the world and has a wide range of interpretations, but they share the same technique.

It is very important to maintain and correctly storage your weapons. The main reason is security and the other is to prevent them from deteriorating. It is important to say that weapons that aren’t maintained properly are the main reason for injuries. If you have a Bokken or Jo with splints you must not use it, but sand it and oil it. If they have some structural defect, throw them away. Over the year, especially if you are using these weapons on a regular base, it is important that from time to time, to sand it and oil it. If the condition of weapon is a bed, do this a couple of times.

This will remove the damage and nourish the wood. You have to maintain it regularly if you want to prevent them from warping or the wood from deteriorating. Put oil as much as the wood will take; it can be from one to three or more times.

Take care of wooden weapons

Because of the moisture wood can change over time, by expanding the fibers. This can cause a lot of damage, so it is important to store it at good conditions. Store wooden weapons horizontally, in the room which has good ventilation and the room who is not too wet, nor too dry. For that reason try to avoid garages, cellars, or humid places like the bathroom. Rooms like bedroom are a good solution, and you can store your wooden weapons under the bed because the humidity and temperature can vary between floor and ceiling.

If you store them vertically, that means you are exposing them to different conditions. And in very short time this weapon will be unusable and dangerous to use. Wooden weapons are very sensitive, and you have to be very careful. If you are buying Bokkern or Jo from a shop, take a look how they are stored there. If the conditions are as we previously mentioned, it is safe to buy them. But many persons working at this kind of stores don’t have the right knowledge of wooden weapons.

So don’t buy them if the conditions where they are kept are not good. Even in Japan, this kind of mistakes can happen. Weapons that are made of wood should to be on the direct sun, or any place where they are exposed to high temperatures, like near the stove. Wood can easily burst into flames.

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