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Have You Ever Heard About The Dojo And Its Real Meaning?

If you like martial arts, then you certainly know what Dojo is and how important it is for any training. This term is, of course, Japanese term and it means “place of the way.” In the past dojos were a part of temples but nowadays we have them all around the world. In the Western World, this terms is usually related to a training place specialize for Japanese martial arts like karate, judo or aikido. There is a difference between how people define this term in Japan and the rest of the world. Unlikely to the World in Japan this term can be related to any physical training facility.

What rules should you respect in dojos?

First of all, you are not allowed to wear shoes there. Cleaning is very important, and in some of the dojos there is a rule to clean it before, that is, after every session. In the past, there was a tradition that special student for example uchi-deshi was in charge for cleaning. For visitors they usually have a special place reserved, but that also depends on their rank and station.

How people relate dojo and Buddhism?

In some cases, people use this term to describe the meditation halls. In these halls Zen Buddhist practice zazen meditation. Some of them use term zendo and others dojo it depends on the region.

Dojo is not just a training place

No matter how you think that martial arts are focused on the physical strength, you need to be aware that every single one of them is focused on mental health as well. We can say that every dojo is focused on learning above everything. Only with learning, you can make progress and without it, nobody can overcome the obstacles that we can encounter on our way. For a lot of things, it takes time, and that is exactly what we can learn in the dojo. We need to be strong for our good physically and mentally as well. Dojo is the way to find our inner truth.